PEPP II is funded by the College of Medicine's Dean's office. The program includes a four-and-a-half week residential summer component administered at the UK Academic Medical Center. The program is designed to prepare college students from medically underserved Kentucky counties for the admissions process to medical or dental school. The program provides students with Medical College admission and Dental school admission test preparation, as well as clinical experiences in medicine and dentistry. The program is free for all participants. Students receive program materials, dormitory housing, and a stipend to cover their meals. Participants in PEPP II also have the option of living in the PEPP dormitory or residing in their own off-campus apartment or other housing.

Hospital and clinical rotations in the UK Academic Medical Center and the VA Medical Center are an important component of the PEPP II experience. Participants have rotations in the Operating Room, the Emergency Department, the Pediatric Twilight Clinic and Labor and Delivery. Participants also visit Cardinal Hill Hospital, special needs camps for children and the UK Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Pre-dental students observe and shadow faculty and patients in the UK dental clinics and the UK College of Dentistry.

Seminars on health-related topics for both the PEPP Scholars Program and PEPP II include: medical and dental admissions, autopsy/pathology, cancer, organ transplants, genetic diseases and defects, alcohol and drug addiction, childbirth, a passion for medicine, hypnosis, stress management, compassion, ethics, people with disabilities, facial reconstructive surgery, medical missions, rural practice, dental specialties, presentations from medical and dental school faculty and students, interactive case studies and a meeting with the Dean of the UK College of Medicine.

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For more information on PEPP STEP II, contact Carol Leslie at (859) 257-1968 or

Diversity Roundtable

The Health Center Student Diversity and Enrichment Services office holds six Diversity Roundtable discussions per year. Roundtable discussions are based on diversity issues affecting health professional students and held during the months of September, October, November, February, March and April.

For more information on the Diversity Roundtables, contact the Health Center Student Diversity and Enrichment Services office at (859) 257-5196.