Elementary & Middle School

The Health Careers Program 

The Health Careers Program (HCP), offered by the College of Medicine's Area Health Education Center (AHEC), is funded by a state contract, with the goal of increasing the number of disadvantaged and underrepresented students who successfully pursue educational programs and health careers. HCP provides a continuous pathway to guide elementary students through high school and on to formal education programs to train them to become tomorrow's health care workforce. 

The HCP program identifies students who are interested in health and allied health science careers and assists them in overcoming barriers to those careers. Students that participate in HCP are exposed to career exploration opportunities, math and science enrichment and skill-building activities that aid in college preparation. A four-week Summer Enrichment Camp and a two-week Health Researchers Youth Academy are held on UK's campus each year and high school students from throughout the UK AHEC region and Kentucky participate.

The HCP program combined with other regional AHEC health career activities have reached thousands of students over the last four years. Through partnerships with local school systems, the 4H Agricultural Extension Program and community health care settings, the four regional UK AHECs have presented 1,362 programs to 49,355 students from the early elementary school years through middle and high schools.

For more information on the HCP, please contact Chris Johnson, Health Careers Program Coordinator at (859) 323-8018 or chris.johnson@uky.edu.  Interested parents and students can also visit the UK AHEC website at www.ahec.uky.edu